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May 25, 2006

What Would the Founders Do?

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In a previous post, I mentioned Richard Brookhiser’s new book What Would the Founders Do?  As part of the promo for the book, there is an interview RB by Kathryn Lopez, National Review senior editor found here.

Here is a taste:

Jefferson would be dismayed by taxes and spending, Hamilton would be incensed by Katrina screw-ups, Adams and Gouverneur Morris would laugh at efforts to encourage democracy in the Middle East, Abigail Adams would demand that the government shut down the MSM, the young Franklin would mock Mexican immigrants as “boors” (he changed his tune later). I was asked to add the following note: “My dear Miss Lopez: I intrude on your time only to remind gentlemen, and ladies, that we are engaged in war with an enemy that is a determined as he is indifferent to the rights of men. The safety and happiness of our country, and of the millions unborn who are to follow us, demand that we give our attention to the task at hand. Your obedient humble Servant, G. Washington.”

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