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May 29, 2006

The death of postmodernism?

Filed under: The Academy — John Maass @ 5:09 pm

A POSTMODERN interpretation of history that analyses the use of language and challenges the truth of historical facts has had its day, influential historian Henry Reynolds said yesterday.

This is the lead off to a story in THE AUSTRALIAN of May 27th.  Prof. Reynolds' verdict on postmodernism is that "it just goes round and round, with lots of lights and colours and doesn't get you anywhere".  While this will not of course end the debate, its a great contribution to refuting the silliness of postmodernism that has become so popular (though not universal) in the academy.  There's a useful primer on postmodernism here.

I ran across an article too at a website of a Christian perspective, so it has than angle and I neither endorse nor condem it. Its just another view on things.  It is here.  One excerpt:

Postmodernism is a term which describes a way that many people think today. There has been a revolution in popular values over the last several decades. No longer are people so ready to think in absolute terms. Postmodernism arms us with a method of calling everything into question and promoting a new cultural agenda. For some, this path promises great liberation while for others it seems to lead to despair and nihilism. Something has been happening in our culture.

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