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June 29, 2006

Disillusioned with the Temple of Reason

Filed under: The Academy — John Maass @ 3:55 am

One of HNN’s bloggers is Thomas C. Reeves, who I think is one of the most interesting out there, even if I don’t quite make all the leaps he does when making an argument.  Nevertheless, he’s a counterweight to the opressive lack of diversity within the academy when it comes to opinions and positions. (Yes the irony here is of the greatest magnitude, but that will have to be for another day…) 

Reeves has a nicely done piece here, “Academia and Original Sin,” in which he notes that “The herd mentality of the leftist faculty, especially the unwillingness to permit dissent, was sad to behold” as he began his early career as an academic.  He goes on to say that “I was also turned off by the faculty’s sloth, grant grubbing, contempt for teaching, and the narcissism that seemed to be the guiding light of the entire enterprise. Campus administrators seemed to be less interested in leadership and scholarship than in avoiding controversy and in advancing their own careers. I had seen better actors in silent movies and professional wrestling.”  He laments “the anti-intellectualism of the students,” and that “being a professor seemed more like a job than a calling, and over time I grew dissatisfied to the point of despair.”

His turnaround was Christianity.  Not surprisingly this was based in large part on C.S. Lewis, as is the case with so many it seems.  Hopefully, Reeves will add to this piece, which seems to have ended rather abruptly.

Professor Reeves is the author of A Question of Character: A Life of John F. Kennedy. He has just finished a biography of Wisconsin Governor Walter J. Kohler, Jr. Mr. Reeves is a Senior Fellow of the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute.


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