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July 24, 2006

Sun brings archaeologists to Ireland

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Due to the recent spell of good weather a small excavation site just outside Rooskey has been occupied by a large group of archaeologists.

The archaeological investigations on the raised bog site started last year due to the advanced works for the new Dromod-Rooskey by-pass but the site has seen a flurry of activity in the last few weeks as the weather has been perfect for bog excavation.
A variety of tractways has been found that are similar to those found in an excavation that occurred in Corlea, Co Longford and items dating back to the Iron Age have been examined.

The NRA believe that the bog which is a rich source of historical preservation has remains of life from 1700 BC to 400 AD and evidence from this era will uncover details of life and customs in the Iron Age and details on woodlands and the state of the environment at that time.
Investigations will also detail the development of the bog over hundreds of years.

Over 80 archaeologists are on the site (approx 25m x 120m) every day as archaeologists have come from all over Europe and include many nationalities.

The site excavation is due to be completed by the end of August and after all recovered items are examined the NRA will publish the results and hold a local exhibition to explain to locals and media what they have discovered and it’s historical and present significant.

Source: http://www.leitrimtoday.net/

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