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October 31, 2006

Gunther E. Rothenberg Seminar in Military History

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The Gunther E. Rothenberg Seminar in Military History is a tribute to Professor Rothenberg’s scholarship and dedication to the field of military history. High Point University is hosting the seminar whose theme in military history will change each year. Leading scholars have been invited to present their most recent research, and latest interpretations. Their papers will serve as a point of departure for extensive discussion and debate of the subject matter. The participant’s papers will be published annually in an edited anthology. The seminar is opened to the university community and the public. Students and scholars from across the country are encouraged to attend.Gunther E. Rothenberg was a world-renowned military historian. He authored scores of books and articles on a wide-range of military history with particular emphasis on the Habsburg Empire and the Napoleonic Wars. He was a Professor of History at Purdue University until his retirement in 1999 when he moved to Australia where until 2001 he was a Visiting Fellow at the School of Historical Studies at Monash University. From July 2001 until his death in April 2004, he was a Visiting Professorial Fellow in the School of History at the Australian Defense Force Academy.


“The Napoleonic Wars in a Global Context.”
Jeremy Black
Professor of History
University of Exeter

“Reform and Stability: Prussia’s Military Dialectic from Hubertusburg to Waterloo.”
Dennis Showalter
Professor of History
Colorado College

“Military Effectiveness in the Armies of 1813.”
Robert Epstein
Professor of History
School of Advanced Military Studies, United States Army Command and Staff College

“Napoleon as a Strategist.”
Charles Esdaile
Professor of History
University of Liverpool

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