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January 13, 2007

Grant Events 2007

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photo of Grant's boyhood homeApril 21st of this year will see “U.S. Grant Days,” in Georgetown, Ohio. this will be a day long celebration to honor life of Ulysess S. Grant in his boyhood hometown. Re-enactors, period music & displays, Morgan’s Raiders on the Square, and a Civil War Ball will be part of the festivities. Contact 937-378-4222 or www.usgrantboyhoodhome.org for more info. See also http://www.usgrantboyhoodhome.org/grantcel.htm for a full schedule of events.

In a related event, Ed Bearss will speak on Saturday, Feb. 10 at the United Methodist Church in Georgetwon on “Grant Takes Vicksburg,” at 2 PM.Tickets are $10.  Bearss was the NPS chief historian for military sites. 

Other Grant related sites:

photo of Grant's birthplace

In Ohio there is also the Grant Birthplace, at Point Pleasant, where he was birn in 1822, operated by the OHS. 

photo of Grant's schoolhouseAnd there’s the Grant Schoolhouse, built in 1829, in Georgetown. 

Interestingly, there has been something of a rebirth of interest in Grant, with a number of biographies about him.  Jean Smith’s 2002 book is a very readable and lengthy “popular biography,” by which I mean no slam at all, just that the author is not an academic and seems to be writing for a general audience.  That said, the narrative moves along well, and we do in fact get a good sense of the man, particularly (to me) in his early years as he struggled with poverty and drinking in the 1850s.  Brooks Simpson’s study of Grant’s years from 1822-1865 is supposed to be very good, and has been recommended to me by a number of folks who know what they are talking about.  I have yet to read it but will get to it soon, I think.  Josiah Bunting’s slim volume in the “American Presidents Series” I found to be very breezy, and full of generalizations that made it seem like the script of a TV show.  I do not recommend it at all.


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