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January 22, 2007

Civil War in Texas

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According to the Star Telegram newspaper, the US Civil War “continues to divide Texans.”  It is similar to the R. E. Lee birthday squabbles of last week in Virginia, about which there are a few posts below. 

The Star Telegram article states:

The Civil War ended more than 140 years ago, but on the eve of Confederate Heroes Day, new battles erupted over the meaning of the Old South, statues honoring its defenders and even a stage act at Gov. Rick Perry‘s inaugural ball. 

The ongoing flash points this week highlight the raw emotions conjured up by the mere mention of the Confederacy or the iconic red, white and blue battle flag.

The flag sure has been a lightening rod for trouble….as those in SC, MS and GA have seen over the past decade or so.  Interestingly, on Jan. 19th, when Virginians celebrate Lee’s Birthday, Texans observe Confederate Heroes Day. The TX NAACP says the day and its associated memories evokes “shame and horror.” 

As the article goes on to note, “controversy over Confederate symbols is nothing new, in Texas and the South. A ban on NCAA post-season games in South Carolina, where the Confederate battle flag flies on the grounds of the state Capitol, continues to generate legal challenges.”

Will it ever end?

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