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January 30, 2007

Oxford History of the United States (mostly)

Filed under: New books — John Maass @ 2:51 am

At the Boston Globe website there is an interesting column on the Oxford History of the United States series, which the author (Christopher Shea) points out “nearly a half-century later, only five of a projected 11 volumes have been completed.” 

The series was intended “to be…a grand summation of their generation’s understanding of American history, combining high politics with social and cultural history and bridging the widening chasm between professional historians and intelligent lay readers.”  The author is actually reacting to a piece in the Atlantic Monthly by Benjamin Schwartz that takes historians to task for either the inability to tell the American story on this scale, or the lack of desire to do it.

The column also relates that for reasons unknown to many, H. W. Brands’ projected volume in this series (“Leviathan: America Comes of Age, 1865-1900”) will not be published/included in the series. 

The rest of the column is very interesting…..

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