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February 13, 2007

Lincoln Movie

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For those who have not heard, nextyear will see the release of a MMP (major motion picture) on Lincoln, starring Liam Neeson (of Co. Antrim, by the way).  It’ll be directed by Steven Spielberg, based on Doris K. Goodwin’s very popular book, Team of Rivals.  Rumors have it that Spielberg has put this project on hold, until the fourth ‘Indiana Jones’ movie gets underway (Harrison Ford in a wheelchair?).

From totalfilm.com, there is an interview with Neeson who talks about this picture.  Neeson revealed that he’s been doing his research like a good student. “We know a lot about him, it’s not hearsay,” the actor admits. “There are over two thousand books written on this man. Two thousand! Some of them are great books. I’ve read about 22 maybe.”

And he’s not just been hitting the books – he’s been visiting Lincoln’s haunts and memorials: “I’ve been to Washington, I’ve held his wallet, I’ve said a prayer on the Bible he was inaugurated on. I read his personal letters and stood on the stage at Ford’s Theatre.” But even his star power couldn’t get him access to the fateful balcony of the theatre, where Lincoln breathed his last after an assassin’s bullet. “It’s sealed off. But I love the fact that he loved the theatre. There’s not too many presidents you see going to see plays every so often. Lincoln did, all the time! He supported live theatre, which is terrific.”


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  1. I hope that the film is not a hagiography to Lincoln. Like JFK, Lincoln’s death has exalted him into a sort of ‘civil sainthood’ which precludes asking – and answering – the really tough questions and, no, I DON’T mean was Lincoln a homosexual! Most people are aware only of the Lincoln who has come down to us in popular history. Some of that image is true, no doubt, but some – especially the idea that Lincoln was a believer in racial equality and that he went to war to end slavery – are simply not founded upon fact and there is more than enough evidence to show that indeed, the opposite was true.

    Abraham Lincoln was a complex man with the same inconsistencies, foibles and human failings that plague the rest of us. No favor is done to history, the public or the man to give us yet another monument to the myth.

    Comment by Valerie Protopapas — February 15, 2007 @ 8:32 am | Reply

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