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February 19, 2007

Where is George?

Filed under: The past that is still with us — John Maass @ 3:39 pm

Kathleen Parker has a syndicated opinion piece from Sunday entitled “Knowledge of history has gone the way of Washington’s portrait.”  While a bit simplistic, it is a decent read, and starts like this:

In today’s anti-patriarchal climate, it isn’t surprising that the birthday of America’s Father, (celebrated this Monday but really on Thursday) has been reduced to a free day and cheap sheets.

She gives a few stats about how badly students are doing in history, particularly college students. “Part of the problem is that many schools don’t require students to study history,” Parker writes. “Another is that schools tend to measure their quality in terms of expenditures, ethnic diversity and class size, rather than by knowledge imparted. Thus, if there’s a problem, they don’t see it.”

Parker goes on to point out that she sees it as a problem that so many classrooms do not have portraits of George Washington in them–a victim of modern PC feelings.  It is a debatable claim, but a column worth reading either way.


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