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April 1, 2007

Grand Theft of Decency

Filed under: The world today — John Maass @ 6:28 pm

From Fox News we get a story that New York City is upset that the latest incarnation of the very popular but blatantly destructive and socially irresponsible game “Grand Theft Auto” seems to be set in NYC.  Not that these folks were upset by the first three versions of the game–just that the latest one makes the Big Apple look rotten. 

Let me just remind you what this “game” is:  Players in past versions got points for killing police officers and prostitutes, and for selling porn to kids.   The entry for the series in Wikipedia is actually glowing, although they do provide this softly-worded caveat:

The series has courted a great deal of controversy since the release of Grand Theft Auto III. This criticism stems from the focus on illegal activities, in comparison with “hero” roles that most other games offer. The main character can commit a wide variety of crimes and violent acts while dealing with only temporary consequences, including the killing of policemen and military personnel. Opponents believe that players will try to emulate this behavior, while proponents believe it provides an emotional outlet, as such actions in real life would have serious consequences. For specific incidents, see the individual game articles.

Enjoy it kids!  Its just an “emotional outlet”!  In the past, even whores have protested the game, as it would seem to promote violence against what they call “sex workers.”  Other groups have decried the video game as racist.  See the (old) article at tolerance.org on this part of the stir.


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