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May 24, 2007

Bronze Age Urn Discovered in IRL

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From Waterford:

An exciting archaeological find dating to c.1700 B.C. was unearthed by licensed archaeologist, Orla Scully during test excavations on the Airport Road Realignment (R708) at Monamintra crossroads on Tuesday the 15th of May. The find comprises of an early Bronze Age collared urn burial, which contains the cremated remains of at least two individuals, a child and an adult.
According to Freya Smith, Assistant Archaeologist of the Tramore House Regional Design Office, “Originally the urn would have been slightly taller but the base has been damaged. The collar of the urn is decorated by two bands of criss-cross motifs separated by a series of lines encircling the entire circumference of the urn”.
Freya explained that, “Orla was carrying out archaeological test excavations on behalf of Waterford County Council in an area that had been highlighted by previous non-intrusive archaeological investigations as an area of archaeological potential”. Adding that, “As a result of the find, additional test trenches will be dug by Orla Scully to establish the extent of the site”.
It is understood that a geophysical survey was carried out at this location earlier in the year which identified the area as containing potential archaeological remains.
The collared urn is now in the possession of an archaeological conservator.
A large portion of Early Bronze Age archaeological evidence is derived from burial sites. Bronze-Age burials are generally not monumental in character. A common trait and underlying motif of this phase of burial custom was the inclusion of pottery vessels.


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