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June 5, 2007

A sign of nationalism…

Filed under: Ireland,The past that is still with us — John Maass @ 7:33 pm

The BBC has a story on a push in the North of Ireland to make the Irish language required in certain situations.

The draft bill proposed that public bodies should specify measures for using Irish when providing services.  It also proposed the creation of an Irish language commissioner and giving people the right to use Irish in court.

Not surprisingly, “Nationalists are strongly in favour of the measure, but unionists have promised to block any bill in Stormont.”

As much as I support Irish unity and look on Ian Paisley’s crew as largely responsible for most of their own troubles these past 30+ years, I don’t think this move to force Irish on folks up North is a good idea.  Most people there do not speak it, and even if they do, it is not their native tongue.  This is a political move only, and has no practical benefits at all.  How can this help the peace process, or reconciliation?  It is a thumb in the eye of the Protestants, just like their marching season is to Catholics.  Enough.


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