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September 5, 2007

The third Virginia Forum 2008

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Call for Papers!

The third Virginia Forum will convene at the University of Mary Washington, in Fredericksburg, on April 11-12, 2008. 

The Virginia Forum offers an opportunity for exchanges of ideas among scholars, teachers, archivists, librarians, museum curators, and all those interested in Virginia history, environment, and culture.  The Virginia Forum welcomes proposals for presentations on all topics in Virginia history, but the centennial of the founding of UMW in 1908 offers a special opportunity for reconsidering themes related to the history of education and learning in Virginia.  [To be clear, submissions on all aspects of Virginia history are encouraged.]  The committee welcomes proposals for individual papers or complete panel sessions, panel discussions, workshops, poster sessions, or electronic/multimedia presentations.

Send a one-page proposal, along with a one-page vita of the presenter(s) to the chair of the program committee, Dr. Anthony Parent, Department of History, Wake Forest University at parentas@wfu.edu

Proposal Deadline: September 28, 2007.


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