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September 24, 2007

Is the South “dead”?

Filed under: The strange place called the South — John Maass @ 7:02 am

Well, if you read this opinion piece, you’ll find out about one perspective that thinks so.  Gerald Baker of thetimesonline states that the Democrats and the Republicans have abandoned the South and the values most southerners stand for, and in a sense he states that politically, the region has become less important, if not down right irrelevant.  He writes:

Dixie is in eclipse. With the Democratic victory in the mid-terms last year the leadership in Congress has passed into the hands of Westerners from California and Nevada with an agenda – antiwar, liberal on abortion and gay rights – wholly at odds with the South.

Even more striking, the Democrats look likely to nominate as their presidential candidate someone from outside the South – Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama – and, at least on current form, she or he is the firm favourite to win next year.

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