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September 28, 2007


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The more I read the British papers on line, the more I come to see that the UK is even more PC than America.  As the latest example of their hyper-sensitivity in matters regarding non-western immigrants, there is this story about objections to a new police mascot used for school visits.  Here is a photo:

'Steve' the police mascot

Now, what is the problem with this mascot?  Too threatening to the kids? No.  Too silly looking?   No.  The problem is, he’s too white and too male.  According to one policeman who complained, the mascot fails to represent the communities he serves, and could leave Asian and women officers “isolated”.  That’s right, fellow cops–not necessarily the communities, but fellow cops–may get their feelings hurt due to the fact that this figure is too white.


The rest of this article is here.

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  1. An update on this story is here:


    Comment by John Maass — November 20, 2007 @ 12:42 pm | Reply

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