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October 1, 2007

New fight at Culloden

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 From The Telegraph:

The row, involving two clans that fought together, has been prompted by the multi-million redevelopment of the battlefield site by the National Trust for Scotland. As part of the process, Jacobite regimental and clan markers on the front lines of the 1746 battle are to be renewed.

The discovery of cap badges, tunic buttons and weaponry have allowed the trust to mark off accurately the opposing battle lines and the exact sites of mass graves. But according to one clan historian, the sacrifice of his ancestors during the resounding defeat of the Jacobite cause in the last battle on British soil is going unrecognised.

David Livingston, of the Clan Livingston, is concerned that his family is not named on the Appin Regiment sign, which states, “Appin Regiment: Stewarts of Appin and Maclarens”. According to Mr Livingston, who lives in America, there were 16 clans in the regiment, including his own, and the wording puts them “in a lesser position than the Stewarts and the Maclarens”.

The rest of this article from the Telegraph is here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/09/28/nclan128.xml


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  1. As I am the “David Livingston” mentioned in the news article I would like to clear some items up, if possible.

    First I am not so concerned with the fact that the MacLea\Livingston name is not added to the Stone marker the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) is putting up at Culloden as I am concerned that adding just two clans will make it appear that they were the only two clans that made up the Appin Regiment.

    My stance and the stance of many Scottish Clans that made up the Appin Regiment is that if the NTS can’t put all the clans names on the marker then it should be left as “Appin Regiment” and then the Memorial Wall that the NTS is making can have all clans listed there. If the Memorial Wall is being used to show all the clans that took a stand and were killed or wounded for their cause, why single out the Stewarts and Maclaren on the Marker? The Appin Regiment was led by Lord George Murray (see http://books.google.com/books?id=cIIkAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA127&lpg=PA127&dq=%22appin+regiment%22+%22lord+george+murray%22&source=web&ots=MNrZqu9mN4&sig=AoJQIXCCTCdSVs03EQuCaJCswaE)

    Also, it is not just myself that wants this. Like I wrote above, I am in contact with multiple Clan Societies who are also writing letters and requesting the NTS to make the marker more historically correct. If there readers who are members of the Stewarts, Carmichaels, Macintyres, MacKenzies, Hendersons, MacCormacks or Buchanans, MacLachlans, MacLeas or Livingstones, MacArthurs, MacDonalds, Casmerons, MacCOLLs, MacCOMBICHs, MacCorquodales, MacIldeus (Blacks), MacInnishes (MacInnises), MacRankins, M’Uchaders, OR anyone who feels the way I do on historic accuracy, and that a simple marker stating “Appin Regiment” is the right thing to have please contact the NTS and voice your opinion. Right now they are inflexible, as the article states, but it may be because they feel it is a small group that wants this and not the large majority I believe it is.

    Thank You,
    David W. Livingston

    Comment by David Livingston — October 4, 2007 @ 3:49 pm | Reply

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