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October 16, 2007

A bit of a storm in a teacup

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In the past 12 months there have been five murders, 33 rapes, 424 robberies and 2,267 burglaries in the local police borough of Havering, in East London.  So what are the police there investigating?  A priest!  Why?  Under suspicion of inciting racial hatred for expressing his Christian views in his parish newsletter.   Inciting racial hatered–must be a quite a crime, right?  Wonder what is was.  Well, according to the Daily Mail, the cleric commented “on the case of a Muslim girl who went to court over her wish to wear a full veil in class. ”  That’s right, he commented on it.  In addition, these comments were made one year ago!  That is what PC has become in the UK………

As the priest said,

“They said they had come to see if I had intended to incite racial hatred,” the priest said. “I was pretty surprised. It seemed to me that political correctness had gone haywire in this situation.

“They were very polite and cordial, but I did say to them that surely they had better things to be doing with their time.

“We had a long, civilised discussion and I didn’t give an inch.

“They seemed satisfied and when they eventually left the sergeant told me ‘that’s the end of the matter’. I felt the whole thing was a bit of a storm in a teacup.”


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