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October 18, 2007

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In a prior post I wrote about Britain and the problems it faces internally with multiculturalism, as it is practiced there. 

In today’s Telegraph, there is a related opinion piece by blogger Steve Oakley.  He says:

Britain has always prided herself on being a mini USA; that is, a melting pot. We point to the Hugenots, Dutch land drainers and Flemish weavers then ignore the Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims, the more orthodox Jews and today’s crop of extreme religious radicals, all of who [sic] keep themselves, and their families of all generations, to themselves.

The emphais is mine, used to highlight a major point about immigration.  There is no melting pot anymore, except for a few groups.  For the most part, immigrants come to the UK or USA, don’t blend in, then demand rights and benefits.  “Entire communities live in isolation from each other.”  That creates resistance and then bitterness among those already citizens.  Oakley has more:

The PC brigade, usually guilt ridden middle class types who wouldn’t know the working class if they fell over them, insist on cultural Apartheid by  insisting local authotirties provide muti lingual guides to all that is needed to live here. Of course a lady of Pakistani origin won’t learn English if she doesn’t have to. Which is a pity, because if you look diferent from me, eat strange foods and follow a religion delivered from a different cultural standpoint then the only thing our twisted brand of multiculturalism will bring is fear,  with its siblings suspicion and intolerance.

The saddest thing about our present situation is that the people who, I believe, genuinely want to bring people together, are the very ones who keep us apart, by allowing the cultutral Apartheid I describe above to continue; the only people with the power to fix the mess they have got us into – the politicians.

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