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November 8, 2007

The problems being a celebrity

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An Irish bishop of the Roman Catholic Church has some interesting things to say about fame these days, applicable not just to Ireland:

“A society which lives for celebrity will destroy not only its celebrities, but itself,” Bishop of Limerick Donal Murray said. 

The senior cleric was speaking on the subject of Religion and the Secular in Contemporary Ireland at the 10th annual Ceifin conference which opened yesterday in Ennis, a lovely town in County Clare on the west side of the Isle.

“There is nothing wrong with popularity, but becoming a celebrity is dangerous. Celebrities can be built up to an impossibly inflated position before we turn on them with an equally inflated hostility. When this happens, one can only hope that the people involved — whether pop stars or football managers or ‘personalities’ of any kind — have understood that there is more to life than this,” he told the conference.

He also is saddened by the lack of faith as well.  “A great deal of modern life proceeds as if the question of faith did not matter. We have passed from a society where faith and public manifestations of faith were the norm, to a society which is, at best, embarrassed by any public visibility of faith. Our world seems increasingly marked by what has been called ‘tranquil apostasy’.”

More is here.

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