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February 12, 2008

Early American Military History at the SMH 2008

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I was pleased to see the program of the 2008 meeting of the Society of Military History (in Ogden, Utah) will have several papers (mine too) on early military history, primarily in the 18th century.  Kinda breaks up all the “air war” and COIN papers!

Here are the titles and presenters: 

“The Critical Shift: Washington’s Fabian Strategy.” Donald Stoker, US Naval War College, Monterey Program

“Nathanael Greene’s Southern Strategy.” Michael W. Jones, US Naval War College, Monterey Program

“The Rise and Decline of the Theory and Practice of Partisan Warfare in Early Modern Europe,” George Satterfield, Hawaii Pacific University

“Using the Natives against the Natives: Indigenes as “Counterinsurgents” in the British Atlantic, 1500-1800,” Wayne E. Lee, UNC-Chapel Hill

“Exerting Limited Control with Limited Resources: Spanish Policy on the North American Frontier,” Irving Levinson, University of Texas, Pan-American

“The Politics and Philosophy in the Army of Eighteenth Century France,” Christy Pichichero, Stanford University

“For Cause and Family in the American Revolution,” Jason Palmer, United States Military Academy

“Morality and Captivity in Revolutionary South Carolina,” Paul Springer, United States Military Academy

“Troublesome Allies:  The Wabanaki in King William’s War,” Jenny Hale Pulsipher, Brigham Young University

“The Protestant Assault on New France: War, Religion, and the Origins of Empire in the Colonial North East,” Owen Stanwood, Catholic University

“Cultural Exchange on the Warpath: English-Indian Cooperation and Communication in the Pequot War,1636-1638,” William Stone, University of Kentucky

“Frontier Health:  British soldiers at Forts Niagara, Detroit and Michilimackinac during the American Revolution,” Tabitha Marshall, Memorial University of Newfoundland“Queen 

“Against Their Will? The Recruitment of the King’s German Subsidy Troops for North America, 1776-1783,” Daniel Krebs, University of Louisville

“Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice to Recruit,” James R. McIntyre, Moraine Valley Community College

“’An Extreme Violent Spirit:’ War, Peace, and the Politics of Enmity in Revolutionary North Carolina,” John R. Maass, U.S. Army Center of Military History

“’The Virtue of Humanity was Totally Forgot’: How Britain Failed to Subdue the Southern Colonies,” Greg Brooking, Gordon College

The Loyalist Exodus of 1778: The Mass Escape of Southern Loyalists
To Florida and Its Consequences,” Jim Piecuch, Kennesaw State University

Culloden, 1746



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