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March 5, 2008

Obama’s Hideous Abortion Stance

Filed under: The world today — John Maass @ 7:04 am

From cnsnews.com:

Obama also has been more aggressive in framing his pro-abortion position previously than he was on Sunday. When he was in the Illinois Senate, for example, he repeatedly opposed a bill that would have defined as a “person” a baby who had survived an induced-labor abortion and was born alive.

In a 2001 Illinois Senate floor speech about that bill, he argued that to call a baby who survived an abortion a “person” would give it equal protection rights under the 14th Amendment and would give credibility to the argument that the same child inside its mother’s womb was also a “person” and thus could not be aborted.

Thus, even if you are born alive, your not a “person” until Obama says you are….

Fortunately (for the unborn that is) there is brighter news: The Indian government plans to give cash incentives to the families of baby girls in an effort to limit the number of abortions of females because of a preference for sons.  As reported by the UN, India continues to lose almost 7,000 girls every day through abortions, while the British medical journal The Lancet has put the loss of females at 10 million over the past two decades.  I guess Obama would say 7,000 “non-persons” every day…….


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