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November 6, 2009

George Washington

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Scholarly contributions are needed for A Companion to George Washington, part of the highly regarded Blackwell Companions to American History, to be published in 2011. This volume, edited by Professor Edward G. Lengel of the University of Virginia, will contain 35 scholarly essays on various aspects of Washington’s life and career. Each essay will be 7-8,000 words in length, and include full bibliography and citations.A superb team of scholars has already been assembled for 29 of the essays, but contributors are still needed for the following topics:1. The origins of Washington’s military career, incorporating personal elements and his reading of the masters of military art, and evaluating how this shaped his conception of warfare.
2. The Battle of Monmouth: Washington in the Monmouth Campaign of the summer of 1778.
3. Foreign Policy in the Presidential Era: Washington’s vision of foreign policy, particularly with respect to relations with Europe during the wars of the French Revolution.
4. Retirement: Washington’s retirement from the presidency and subsequent involvement—some might say meddling—in the Adams administration during the Quasi-War with France in 1798-99.
5. Revolution and Peace: a discussion of his political views and vision for the new nation at the end of the Revolutionary War.
6. Death and Mourning: How he died, and how America mourned his passing.

Contributors will receive $300 worth of books from the Blackwell catalog. Submissions are due by September 30, 2010. Submit proposals, including interest and qualifications, to Dr. Lengel by email or standard mail at the address below.

Edward G. Lengel
Professor and Senior Editor
The Papers of George Washington
504 Alderman Library
P.O. Box 400117
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4117
Email: egl2r@virginia.edu


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