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June 3, 2010

New George Washington Library

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Gen. George Washington

From Mt. Vernon’s website:

As the nation’s first and only center for amassing and disseminating knowledge about Washington, the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington at Mt. Vernon will safeguard Washington’s books and manuscripts, serve as a scholarly retreat, create educational outreach programs on Washington, and provide seminars and training programs with a special focus on Washington’s leadership. Our goal is to advance scholarship and share that knowledge with the broadest possible audience, so that Washington’s example of leadership and character can influence and inspire current and future generations.

The building will be sited on a 55-acre portion of land behind the U.S. Post Office on Route 235. This location is near the Mount Vernon Inn Complex and the western visitor parking lot on land that is owned by Mount Vernon. We will be using the portion of the land closest to the estate and furthest from the surrounding communities.  The Library, courtyard, parking lots, and guesthouse will cover only about six acres of the site. The rest will remain wooded.

The Library will be approximately 41,000 square feet and will consist of three levels built into a hillside to take advantage of topography and views to and from the building into the surrounding forest. One floor of the building will be underground. The adjacent guesthouse will be approximately 3,500 square feet. It will provide living space for up to six scholars, visiting fellows, and lecturers for a day, a week or months at a time.

Mount Vernon, Va.

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