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February 8, 2012

“The War Called Pontiac’s, 1763-2013”

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Battle of Bushy Run, Pa., 1764

Just saw this on H-Net Announcements, a 2013 conference on Pontiac’s Rebellion immediately following the French and Indian War. This will be held in April at Philadelphia, the McNeil Center to be exact.  Here are some details from the announcement:

The McNeil Center for Early American Studies invites paper and panel proposals for a conference on “The War Called Pontiac’s, 1763-2013,” to be held in Philadelphia, 4–6 April 2013.

The 250th anniversary of what has long been known as “Pontiac’s War” offers scholars an opportunity to reexamine the conflict and its impact on the history of North America. The ambiguous role of the Ottawa leader Pontiac and widespread scope and the varying aims of other Native participants in the conflicts of the mid-1760s defy easy categorization,
a problem well summed up by Francis Jennings’s phrase, “The War Called ‘Pontiac’s.’” Many contemporary British observers and combatants sought some conceptual clarity by casting the blame on French-inspired treachery. Many Native people located the treachery among the British. In the mid-nineteenth-century, Francis Parkman constructed an epic tale
of a single charismatic Indian leader and the last gasp of a doomed people. More recent work offers a much more complex interpretation of an inter-Native movement grounded in Native spirituality and aiming to regain status as well as land for its Native participants in the new geopolitical world after the Seven Years War.

Accordingly, this conference encourages broad reexaminations. Possible topics  include—but  are not limited to—discussions of any relevant theater of war, the participation of particular Native groups or individuals, colonial and imperial responses, immediate repercussions or long-term effects, subsequent historiography and changing perceptions,
new attempts at synthesis, or fresh frameworks for understanding.  Confirmed participants include Colin Calloway, Gregory Evans Dowd, Eric Hinderaker, James H. Merrell, Jane Merritt, and Daniel K. Richter. The program committee is chaired by Laura Keenan Spero.

Proposals are welcome for papers of approximately thirty pages in length, which will be pre-circulated to all conference participants. Suggestions for complete panels will also be considered, but the organizers reserve the right to accept, reject, or reassign individual papers.

Please submit proposals of approximately 600 words, along with curriculum vitae, to mceas@ccat.sas.upenn.edu no later than 16 April 2012. Accepted panelists will be notified by mid-May 2012; papers will be due for pre-circulation no later than 1 February 2013. Some support for participants’ travel and lodging will be available.

Sir J. Amherst, British Commander in No. America during Pontiac's War

For some background on Pontiac’s War go to Ohio History Central.


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