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June 4, 2013

2013 Braddock Road Preservation Society Meeting

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The Braddock Road Preservation Society has made its plans for their annual Nov. meeting in Western Penn.

To see the program, click here. I attended last year (the bus tour only) and enjoyed it.


July 1914, by Sean McMeekin

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The Washington Times has a double review of 2 new books about the coming of WWI. The centennial of that war is coming up, so we are seeing a rash of titles over the last year or more about this conflict.

The WT includes in its review “July 1914,” by Sean McMeekin. I have a copy and read it one month ago, and must say it is excellent. I am not a European historian so when I try to tackle a title like this, sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with the names, background, etc., but this book avoided this completely. McMeekin¬†does a great job helping the reader keep names and titles straight, and his style of jumping back and forth between Germany, Austria-Hungary, France, Russia and GB was WELL done.

I heartily recommend this title.

The Ney York Times also reviewed both books in early May.

July 1914

July 1914

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