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August 27, 2008

How come nobody goes to National Parks now?

Filed under: Historic Places,Outdoors — John Maass @ 6:25 am

Why aren’t more people visiting National Parks in the USA?

The Economist claims to have answers about why “Americans plainly think it is a good idea to live near national parks, but they are not so keen on visiting them.”  The author does not blame “television, video games and the internet.”  The culprit: they are not entertaining.

I think one needs to be careful here.  The article says that people aren’t coming anymore but that the folks at Yosemite may limit the number of folks that they let in every day because of the crowds.  Huh?  Also, if the NPS site is near a city–watch out!  I know from experirnce that places like Great Falls, Manassas NBP, etc. are often quite crowded on weekends.

Bloody Lane at antietam by Jas&Suz.


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